Bees Knees First Gig at the Fremantle Wardarngi and Illuminate Festival
Sat 19 Nov 2005

The day was a fantastic success on a beautiful warm sunny day.
The Bees Knees Kids Show performed to a park full of over 4,000 people during the day and to at least 1,200 people when they performed on the dance floor in front of the main stage bridging the time gap between the aboriginal and the youth culture festivals.

The Bees Knees performed all original songs and went down a treat with the audience joining in dancing and clapping along. During "Walking Bus" the Scorpians, an aboriginal hip hop acrobatic dance troup did their thing down the front of the stage. An exhibition of spontaneous electric spectacular dancing that really got the crowd going.

The day was promoted as a reconciliation day and having the Scorpians dancing to the Bees Knees Kids Show was a joyous celebration of music and dance demonstrating what the day was all about.

Everyone together respecting and enjoying each others culture. All the nannas, parents,and kids of all ages got into the music and participated.

The Bees Knees Kids have broken down the barriers of what kids music should be.

Buster Stiggs says "Since having my first child I have learnt to never underestimate the intelligence of kids. It has always been my aim to make music for kids that everyone can get into and enjoy and judging by Saturday we certainly have achieved that goal.
It gives me great confidence for the future of the Bees Knees."

buster bus
Buster Stiggs and The Fun Bus at the
Fremantle Festival with Bees Knees kids
activities of painting, playdough,
blocks and trains.

Samantha face painting at the
Fremantle Festival. Another of the
Bees Knees fun activities.
mini bees